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1. The last David Bowie album  - Blackstar

In 2013, David Bowie is back after a decade of silence - his comeback album, «The Next Day» was accepted with enthusiasm by critics and the public and immediately topped the British charts (the first time in 20 years). But between you and me, here played a role, and the long absence of the musician, and universal deepest respect to one of the most influential pop artists of the XX century. The very same album material was predictable and nothing surprised, but to the fact that a man like Bowie, can grow old.

But you must admit that Bowie - not the classic rocker, which we are waiting for stability. No, from him every time we want more of something like a miracle, and that in January 2016 it just happened. Overlooking the 69-day anniversary of the artist's 25th album in his discography - totally unexpected record, and that, paradoxically, just the fact that all (consciously or unconsciously) been waiting for.I heard Bowie for the first time at the university,

when I was searching for the cheapet thesis writng services in the usa. In a creative sense, «Blackstar» can be compared with those bends that Bowie made, publication of the «Low» in 1977 and «Outside» in 1995.

His previous album The Next Day released David Bowie's birthday - and this time decided to continue the tradition. Blackstar The album were released on 69th anniversary of the legendary British and accommodate seven tracks recorded with saxophonist Donny Makkaslinom. The musicians met in one of the pubs - saw Bowie musician on stage the next day and invited him to the studio. "We have listened rapper Kendrick Lamar and wanted to do something as cool," - says Makkaslin. 

2.Sia - This Is Acting

The music world heard about  Sia in 2013 when the singer released her super hit Chandelier. However, and this from the pen of singer left many popular songs - that's just written not for himself but for other artists. Album This Is Acting - collection of 12 tracks that are destined popular stars, but for various reasons were rejected. "I wrote tracks for Adele, Kanye West and Rihanna. And when producers forced me to record your own album, I decided to use this song "- admitted the singer.

3. Bloc Party - Hymns

After the release of the album in 2012. Four British Bloc Party went on long leave. Since then, two members have left the group and leader Kele Okereke has recorded solo work. It seems that this team career ended. But a few years Bloc Party returned to work with a new composition and command popular producers. "I read many poems of the poet William Blake and listened to a lot of gospel. We were really obsessed with the spiritual world, "- said the name plate Kele Okereke in an interview.

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