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The Dream: Joseph - Helping while hurting - Genesis 37, Genesis 40: 5-13, Genesis 40: 39 - 41

In Genesis 37, Joseph had a dream. He was seventeen years old when he had this dream. He shared his dream but his brothers had a problem with his dream because in the dream they were bowing down to Joseph. Even though his brothers bowed to him in the dream, Joseph’s first stop was a pit. He went lower than his brothers but he saw himself standing upright and his brothers bowing down to him. The story of Joseph teaches us that we can succeed at bringing our own dreams to pass by helping the Potiphars, the butlers, the bakers and Pharaohs of our lives to achieve theirs.

While Joseph was in prison a butler and a baker of the Pharaoh were sent to prison. They both had dreams while they were there but they could not interpret them. In spite of his low state, Joseph helped these two men by interpreting their dreams.

He interprets the dream of the baker and the butler. Despite the fact that at the moment, his dream was not coming to pass yet, Joseph used his gift to help two other people who were in his path whose dreams came true before his own did. Many times it seems as if dreams of others are coming to pass with our help but our dreams are way off course and there is no one to help us with our own dreams.

The lesson we must learn is that we are called to support. There is a season when God is training us through serving. We must serve when we feel like it and when we don’t, when all is well in our personal lives and when it isn’t. It doesn’t depend upon our feeling or our emotions. It has all to do with the assignment God has given us. When we have learned this lesson, we then qualify to move to the next level in fulfilling our dreams. If Joseph had taken the position that he would not interpret the dreams of the butler and the baker because his dream was not coming to past in the moment, Pharaoh would never have known of Joseph and his ability to interpret dreams. There will be people that you will help, even when you are at a breaking point, and they will receive a breakthrough and forget about you just as the butler forgot about Joseph. What will you do then? Will you stop supporting? You must remember that in every situation that you are called to help in, God is using you to bring deliverance. It is not about you, it is about God accomplishing His work in the earth through you. Because of this, God will not leave you defenseless. Even though the butler forgot Joseph, God orchestrated another situation to jog the butler’s memory and put Joseph in the position to use his gift to stand before a great man. Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh and was put in charge of all Pharaoh had.

The appointment of Joseph to be governor of Egypt was not a reward from Pharaoh because before the interpretation of the dream, Pharaoh had never met Joseph. What we see being given to Joseph is God’s reward to Joseph for being faithful when he was in the pit, when he was in Potiphar’s house and even while he was in prison. At any point Joseph could have given up and no do what God has commanded. He could have been selfish and even though he could interpret dreams. He could have ignored the butler and the baker in the prison who were troubled by the fat they could not interpret their own dreams. Throughout the entire story of Joseph, we continually really, “and the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man.” How was the Lord “with” Joseph? Every time Joseph obeyed God, God was with him. Every time Joseph prayed, God was with him. Every time Joseph did good to others, God was with him. By keeping his focus on God, God was keeping his eyes on Joseph. We can be successful too if we keep our focus on God and continue to help others while we are hurting.

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Comment by Dontrell Samuel on April 25, 2015 at 11:37am
Yes!!! Thank you Lord
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