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How to remember the name of the new class teacher's son? How to learn the endless notes? Sometimes the plot of the film is viewed is erased from the memory the next day. Do not worry - the researchers give us hope and share new discoveries in the field of memory development. Here these important secrets are;

1. Get enough sleep. You have to get enough sleep and feel rested. It was a dream all day, all the information is secured in our brain and decomposed on the shelves.

2. Before bedtime. Make it a rule: every night, lying in bed before going to sleep, to recover all the events of the day. The trick is this: to scroll through the day in reverse order - from evening to morning.

3. Rewards. It takes something to learn? The case will go faster if made for each part of the job to reward yourself with something nice: a cup of tea, a gift itself, meeting with friends, going to the cinema or to an exhibition, etc. So your brain stores information with a positive attitude.

4. Smart food. Bread from wheat flour with slices of tomatoes - is not only tasty, but also help your memory. Papersowl Service states: "Carbohydrates from vegetables and rice, pasta and bread supply energy the brain required for memory." Without carbohydrates memory begins to "surrender".

5. Chew gum. British scientists found that during chewing in the brain receives more oxygen, at the same time stimulates the nerves. According to the results test subjects who chewed gum for 30% better memorize the information.

6. Walk in the fresh air. ... And preferably a fast pace. It is proved that when walking fast in the brain receives more oxygen, strengthens blood vessels.

7. Teach poetry. The main cause of poor memory - genetic predisposition. Remember the childhood: how much time you had to learn a poem - 2-3 hours? But some of it was enough to read it several times ... And, of course, memory weakens with age: the brain cells age, as well as the entire body. Nevertheless, the memory can and should be trained. And never too late to teach poetry. The main thing - do it gradually. Each time you should increase the amount of memorizing the text.

8. Right time. It is found that an ideal time for learning and memory - between 10 and 12, and 15 and 18 hours. At this time, the most active work of the brain.

9. Garbage in the memory. Hammer head with talk about anything, just to "kill time" - it means intentionally impair your memory. If you spend hours in front of the TV meaningless if the load itself contrived problems - memory necessarily fails.

10. "Photo" memory. We are always looking for things that somewhere losted. The next time you "take a picture" keys that you put on the table or put somewhere. Raise your hands to your eyes, pretend that you're holding the camera, and press the button. Then you will quickly find the required memory "snapshot", and thanks to him, and keys.

11. Talk to yourself. Do not be shy - let your memory is not only visual, but also auditory image. For example, if you leave your car at the end of the parking lot, under a large tree, tell yourself out loud: "I leave the car at the end of the parking lot, under a big tree." This is another way to strengthen memory.

12. Think about people's faces. It is very difficult to remember the names of people with whom we have just met. The secret is to firmly connect in his head, and the name of the person. Even better, find a prominent feature of the face and focus on it (big nose, for example, or a mole above the lip).

13. Do not focus. If you can not remember something: the name of the actor, title of the book, take it easy. Walk, take a few deep breaths, think about something pleasant, and the right word is likely to emerge by itself.

14. Be silent as a partisan. Never say that you have a bad memory. You simply underestimate their capabilities and self-hypnosis may actually turn your brain into a sieve.

15. When you need medical attention. If you lose touch with reality. One thing to forget what day it is, and quite another - to forget the year. If you do not know where you are, you can not remember, evening or morning, or have forgotten the name of the spouse, urgently needs to consult a doctor. If your forgetfulness affects the job, parenting or other life activities, you may need help. Do you have difficulty with themselves? If you are concerned about the recent failures in memory, do not worry alone - seek medical advice.

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